Ningbo Tianshun Electric Co., Ltd. successfully passed the certification of "SLVA Standardized Low Voltage Switchgear" by State Grid

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       After the State Grid Corporation of China’s "Low-voltage Switchgear Standardization Design Plan" was officially released and implemented, our company trial-produced samples and networked evalsuations. According to the requirements of "SLVA Standardized Customized Low-Voltage Switchgear Testing Specifications", it satisfies the full coverage requirements of the grid-connected evalsuation and successfully passed the SLVA low-voltage switchgear. Cabinet evalsuation.

SLVA low voltage switch cabinet (test prototype for network access)

       Since its establishment, Ningbo Tianshun Electric Co., Ltd. has been intensively working in the industry and seizing opportunities. The company has grown in scale. Its products and services have been applied to various power transmission and distribution projects. With many successful cases and rich practices, Tianshun Electric has fixed From the beginning of the establishment to the industry leader's growth every step.
        "Without rules, there is no square, and without standards, it is difficult to become an industry." Tianshun Electric's general manager said that as an important part of the distribution network, the realization of standardized design of low-voltage switchgear can not only improve the overall quality level, but also promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry. Next, Tianshun Electric will strictly follow the document requirements of the State Grid low-voltage switchgear standardization, assist the standardization work of low-voltage switchgear, and provide users with better products and services with many years of rich experience in the power field.



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