KYN61-40.5 indoor armored removable switchgear
Category:High voltage switchgear
Release date:2019-02-19 14:02:31
KYN61-40.5 indoor indoor armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear is a three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage 40.5kV indoor power distribution unit. As a power plant, substation and industrial and mining enterprises to accept and distribute electrical energy, the circuit to control, protect and detect functions.
a. The structure of the cabinet is assembled, and the circuit breaker adopts the floor-standing structure of the handcart;
b. It is equipped with a new type of composite insulated vacuum circuit breaker, which has the characteristics of good interchangeability and simple replacement;
c. The screw nut propulsion mechanism is installed in the hand frame to easily move the handcart, and can prevent the misoperation and damage the propulsion mechanism;
d. All operations are carried out with the door closed;
e. The interlock between the main switch, the handcart and the cabinet adopts the mandatory mechanical locking mode to meet the “five-proof” function;
f, the cable room is abundant, and multiple cables can be connected;
g, the protection level of the enclosure is IP4X, and the protection level is IP2X when the handlebar door is open.


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