YB-12 prefabricated substation
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Release date:2019-02-19 14:02:51
product description
The YB series prefabricated substation is a variable power distribution device that integrates high-voltage switchgear, transformer and low-voltage switchgear, and is assembled in the production plant. It has the advantages of compact structure, strong set, land occupation, movable, convenient installation and maintenance, safe and reliable, beautiful appearance, etc. It is suitable for residential community, large-scale construction site, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, urban lamp street lighting control and distribution. , oil fields, mines, narrow streets, temporary electricity and other places.
YB series prefabricated substation is divided into ring network type, terminal type and dual power supply mode.
First, the box structure
1. The structure of the substation is arranged in the shape of “mesh” or “good”;
2. The product shell material is made of aluminum alloy plate, stainless steel plate, composite plate, glass fiber reinforced cement board, etc.
3. The base of the substation is made of galvanized channel steel or cement, which has strong corrosion resistance and sufficient mechanical strength;
4. The top cover of the box adopts double-layer structure and has good heat insulation, radiation protection and ventilation effects;
5. Each room of the substation is separated by iron plates to form independent small rooms, and each room is provided with lighting facilities;
6, the box change box color is flexible, and can coordinate with the surrounding environment.
7. The structure of this series of products has integral and sub-box type, and the user adopts the integral structure if there is no special requirement.
Second, the high pressure room
1. The high-voltage indoor room is placed in the company's production of high-voltage switchgear, the types are HXGN17-12, XGN66A-12, compact structure, simple operation, any combination;
2, high-voltage switchgear is easy to maintain, safe and reliable, with "five-proof" operation function;
3. A heater can be installed in the high voltage cabinet to prevent condensation and corrosion.
Third, the transformer room
1. The transformer room can adopt low loss oil immersed transformer and dry type transformer;
2. The transformer is provided with a self-starting forced air cooling system and a lighting system, which adopts two modes of natural ventilation and forced ventilation, and has good ventilation and cooling performance;
3. There is a temperature controller in the transformer room, which can automatically control the temperature of the transformer to ensure the good operation of the transformer.
Fourth, low pressure room
According to the user's requirements, the low-voltage room can be composed of panel or cabinet-mounted structure to form the power supply scheme required by the user. It has various functions such as power distribution cabinet, lighting distribution, reactive power compensation, energy metering and power measurement to meet different requirements of users. And convenient for the user's power management and improve the quality of power supply.


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